• Wenzhou Medical University shared anti epidemic experience of Wenzhou in the "cloud" on a global platform
  • The situation of COVID-19 has made people keenly aware of the connotation of "a community with a shared future for mankind". With the worldwide spread of epidemic right now, sharing experience globally is particularly important. For the last few days, WMU as well as its affiliated hospitals have shared anti epidemic experience of Wenzhou with many countries in the “cloud”.

    On the afternoon of May 13th, an online experience sharing conference of “Fighting against COVID-19 with Traditional Chinese Medicine” with the Thailand Chinese Physicians’ Association was held in WMU, and experts from both sides discussed the applied experience and prominent efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Cheng Jinguo, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of WMU and medical group leader of Wenzhou COVID-19 prevention and control leading group, Zhu Wenzong, president of Wenzhou TCM Hospital, and experts from affiliated hospitals of WMU as well as directors of the International Affairs Office of WMU, attended this video conference.

    Cheng Jinguo shared measures and experience of fighting with COVID-19 in Wenzhou, introduced combined therapy of Chinese and Western medicine, and expounded on the mechanism and curative effects of TCM in treating COVID-19. At the meeting, all TCM experts shared their experience in treating the epidemic with TCM, Western medicine, and combined therapy of Chinese and Western medicine.

    Lin Danqian, president of Thailand Chinese Physicians’ Association, highly appreciated Wenzhou's achievements in epidemic prevention and treatment. He said that he would share Wenzhou's experience with Thai TCM practitioners, further exchange and study the theory and practice of TCM, and hope to strengthen close cooperation with China in the fields of scientific research and application of TCM treatment and health care, so as to jointly promote TCM to the world.

    On May 13th, an online seminar on combating COVID-19 with member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held on the GMCC platform (Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19). The expert group from the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU consisting of nine people, together with nearly 100 medical experts from seven SCO member states analyzed clinical cases jointly in the “cloud” and explored protocols of COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

    The First Affiliated Hospital of WMU, as a designated hospital for the treatment of severe and critical COVID-19 cases, has combined treatment work with case studies during the epidemic period, and raced against time to summarize and accumulate valuable "Wenzhou’s experience". As for many key issues raised by the medical staff of many countries, such as the means of testing COVID-19, the strategy of drug use, and the management of patients in an emergency, Xia Jinglin, party secretary of the CPC committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU, Li Yuping, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and other experts, provided well-directed answers and shared their experience.

    At present, the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread globally. Eastern Europe and central Asia are also facing enormous pressure to combat the epidemic. Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan... China's "neighbors" have all come to the GMCC platform.

    It is reported that this is the 14th COVID-19 workshop held on the GMCC platform. Jointly organized by the Jack Ma Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, Ali Health and the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU, this workshop aims to stimulate Chinese medical staff to share their experience in fighting the epidemic and help the international community to combat the epidemic.

    "China's experience accumulated during the period of fighting the epidemic is of great significance for reference to its neighbors." Sherali Jonon, Deputy Secretary-General of the SCO Secretariat, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese medical staff who participated in the meeting and said that only with mutual trust, mutual assistance, solidarity, and cooperation, could all countries defeat the epidemic.

    On the morning of May 16th, a live conference on anti epidemic protocols called "United as a world, Fight against COVID-19", jointly organized by Hainan Boao Medical Innovation Research Institute and CN-Healthcare, was held online. More than 35,000 management and healthcare personnel from around the world participating in epidemic prevention and control watched it on the Internet, and eight domestic and foreign hospitals live-streamed their experience in fighting COVID-19. The First Affiliated Hospital of WMU was invited to serve as the chairman unit of the conference and share with the world the prevention and treatment measures and experience of Wenzhou in dealing with COVID-19.

    "Miles apart, but close at heart." Only with close collaboration and joint response of all countries will we defeat the virus soon.